Making-of: In the woods…

In Oct/Nov 2016 we were invited to spend one month at The Montessori Place to set up our studio, and work amongst the young persons community. We decided to take this opportunity to develop a project of our own and open it up to collaboration with the students.

Exhibiton: LOVE & LOSS at the Lentos

We will be a part of an exhibition “LOVE & LOSS” at the Lentos museum, Linz, Austria. The Crying Dress will be shown with the new head piece. The opening is on the March 13th and will run until the 7th of June 2015. The opening is on the 12th from 7:00pm. If you are […]

Tools We Want

2014 “Tools We Want” is a collaboration between Irene Posch & Ebru Kurbak (Stitching Worlds) and Mika Satomi & Hannah Perner-Wilson (KOBAKANT). Starting in November 2014 and continuing indefinitely. The collaboration is motivated by a joint practice in electronic textiles (or textile electronics) and the desire to try and imagine, design and build functional tools […]

Stitching Worlds Talk in Vienna

November 18th 2014 at 18:30 in Vienna, Austria >>

Exquisite Electronics Talk at Bubi

Thursday March 27th, 19:00 at Bubi in Kadiöy, Istanbul (an amberPlatform talk) Mika and Hannah have been collaborating together since 2006 under the name KOBAKANT. In their work they merge electronics and textiles in order to explore topics ranging from wearable technology to future craftsmanship. In this talk they will introduce a range of their […]

TRIBE Residency, Istanbul

We will be producing another “Exquisite Electronics” project as part of our TRIBE Residency in Istanbul, Turkey. Our stay in Istanbul is organized by Amber Platform and hosted by MauMau.

Making-of: Igne Oyasi

During our two-week TRIBE residency in Istanbul we will be completing a new fictional commission based on local crafts techniques, and inspiration from both past and present practices and cultures surrounding these techniques. The residency is organized by Amber Platform and hosted by Maumau. We would like to thank the following people for their help […]

WishLab II

WHAT CAN ELECTRICITY DO FOR YOU? With the discovery of electricity, mankind invented light bulbs to make the streets safe at night and to be able to stay up all night reading. We invented motors and built cars to get places faster, transport heavy loads, spin the drums of washing machines and beat the batters […]

Making-of: WishLab II

22, 23 February & 1, 2 March 2014 The second edition of the Wish Laboratory for Handmade Technologies is again part of the Making Lab project in Anyang, South Korea. If you would like to join us for two weekends of intense training and making people’s electronic wishes come true, please email us!

WishLab Maker’s Kit

“Wish Lab Kit” is one of the outcomes from the Wish Lab project, which enables other people to become a members of wish lab makers. The kit consists of Wish Lab Booklet, which explains the spirit of Wish Lab makers and materials and tools often used in the wish making process, and Wish Lab Maker’s […]

Perfect Human Performance Berlin

We will be performing The Perfect Human at the WCOMTC event at SHIFT Berlin on Wednesday October 30th around 19:00.

Shifting Paradigms: Fashion + Technology

Eight Steps will be on show from September 26 2013 until August 31 2014 as part of the Shifting Paradigms: Fashion + Technology exhibition at the Kent State University Museum in Kent, Ohio.

KOBAKANT Studio joins FabLab Berlin

As of July 2013 KOBAKANT Studio will move in with the FabLab Berlin! Come join us for our monthly E-Textile Knitting Circle!

Crying Dress at Techtextil

INNtex displays The Crying Dress at the 2013 Techtextile trade-fair in Frankfurt/Germany.

Wish Lab

2013 Factory for Handmade Technologies When mass-production fails us, when we desire something more personal and unique, who can we to go with our wishes? For a custom suit or gown we can look up a local tailor. Carpenters will furnish doors and tables to our liking. But where de we go when the objects […]

Making-of: Wish Lab

June 2013 As part of the Making Lab at APAP in Anyang/South Korea, Wish Lab is a 3-day laboratory for building custom handmade electronics based on wishes collected from the Anyang community. Together with local artists, designers and engineers KOBAKANT will work to make these electronic wishes come true. We would also like to thank […]

Making-of: Wearable DIY Cellphone

Based on Dave Mellis’s DIY Cellphone.

Making-of: Trapper 0.1

Trapper is a costume&&instrument for sound performances. It is made for the performance of “Trapped in a Loop“, the Swedish duo band by Magdalena Ågren and Richard Widerberg. This post is the on-going process of making and experimenting the “Trapper 0.1″. Hopefully in the future, this becomes a fully functioning Trapper 1.0 that can be […]

KOBAKANT in Berlin

Since December 2012 KOBAKANT is based in Berlin, Germany!

ITM Collection

2012 Involving the Machines (ITM) was a research project that resulted in a collection of woven conductive fabrics. Besides their aesthetic pattern designs, these conductive fabrics possess various electrical properties such as continuous and separated areas of conductivity or resistance, pressure sensitive properties and tilt sensing capabilities.

Making-of: Involving the Machines

This project received a Swedish-American-Exchange Fund Grant and will be realized in September 2012.

The Crying Dress

2012 The first in a series of Exquisite Electronics commissions. This work was completed as part of a one-month quartier21 artist-in-residency during the Technosensual exhibition at the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna, Austria.

Making-of: The Crying Dress

This work will be completed as part of a quartier21 artist-in-residency during the Technosensual exhibition at the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna, Austria.

MQ Residency & Technosensual Exhibition

In June 2012 KOBAKANT are invited to do a residency at the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna in order to create a new work for the Technosensual Exhibition. >> The Crying Dress

DEAF: Crafting the Future

Date: MAY 17-20 Location: Post, Rotterdam The Netherlands, Mika has been to DEAF festival in Rotterdam, giving a workshop and participating in the panel discussion. The workshop theme was to combine two different “crafting” techniques, 3D printing and Textile techniques, to come up with new materials and techniques that can be incorporated with e-textile practices. […]


KOBAKANT will be presenting at the OPEN CULTURE + WEARABLES panel at the ISEA conference, Istanbul. Unfortunately only Mika will be there (it is not sure if Hannah can make it) but she will be presenting our thoughts about “The Future Master Craftsperson: How To Get What You Want”. The panel will be held on […]

Soft Technology Exhibition

We will be exhibiting Eight Steps at the Soft Technology Exhibition at stiftelsen 3,14 Bergen Norway from 19th August to 25th September 2011. The exhibition is curated by Hillevi Munthe and co-curated by Hilde Hauan, featuring e-textile projects. If you happen to be around, please visit!

Closed Circuit Crochet

2011 Closed Circuit Crochet is a technique developed by grandmothers over the past years due to the availability of conductive yarns. These materials offer a wide range of possibilities to be incorporated in traditional knitwear as sensors. Grandmothers seized this opportunity to combine their excellence in needlework with their curiosity for their grandchildren’s lives. Grandsons […]