WishLab II


With the discovery of electricity, mankind invented light bulbs to make the streets safe at night and to be able to stay up all night reading. We invented motors and built cars to get places faster, transport heavy loads, spin the drums of washing machines and beat the batters of cakes. Since the invention of the telephone we can talk to people all over the world in real time, reach a doctor in an emergency, and are never alone. These days displays are everywhere, huge and tiny. We use them to check the time, read books, receive messages and browse our photo albums. Electricity enabled all of these devices that are now part of our everyday lives.
But what could electricity do for you? What tasks to do you find tedious? What experiences do you enjoy? Maybe electricity can take care of your problems and enhance your pleasures. Forget about the one-size-fits-all devices that already exist, and think about yourself. Can you imagine a device that would help you out, make your day easier, more fun, make you laugh or smile?

What would this device do?

How would you use it?

Draw what it could look like.

Do you have a name for it?

Submit your wish via email!


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