preparing tool-sets

We have been discussing developing eTextile/wearable tool-set, a set of technology per-developed to cater wide range of commissions. Instead of starting from scratch each time we receive commissions, we will prepare basic set of technologies we anticipate that many projects will need in common.

After analyzing existing projects ( we came up with 3 categories we could identify many possible projects could have in common.

Projects that include LED in some ways.
-LED matrix
-Shift register
-7 Segments
-Charlie Plexing

Projects that connects 2 objects wireless. This could also require IoT technology.
– Xbee
– Wifi, ESP8266 board
– MQTT server
– BLE + app for ios or android
– Particle Photon, Adafruit IO (using existing board and services)

Super Human
Projects that has sensor and actuator on one garment.
– range of sensors –> list up
– range of actuators –> list up
– sensing invisible/audible –> EMF, Geiger counter, Bat detector
– direction –> north, where the home is
– hearing color, IR, seeing the sound, temperature

Controlling computer/ digital device with garment/textile
– computer mouse/ keyboard
– MIDI controller, MIDI instruments (chaos pad, sequencer), software (Abelton)
– OSC and instruments –> XOSC like function
– Glover software from the Gloves project

-Battery solution
we tried this >> power bank slim
-washing instruction (solution for detachable system)