Stuff Entrance

a documentary film by Manuela Fr├ęsil

A documentary about the workers at a big slaughterhouse. They talk about working in a line, repeating same movement for hours, becoming and competing with machines.

at one scene, the group of workers enact their work movements like choreographed dance. I wonder if the machines are replacing the human, or the human are replacing the machine… As the documentation progress, they talk about the conflict with the managements, the demand to work faster and produce more, as they have bought and paid for new machines. The supermarkets making “special offer” 3 weeks a month, instead of one, resulting to lowering the price of raw material and labor cost for those work in slaughterhouse. Many workers complained the serious damage to their body due to extreme repetitions and working like machines. At the end of the day, I wonder who is the one benefits from automation of work, and what it is for.