The future of employment

: How susceptible are jobs to computerisation?

a paper by Carl Benedikt Freya and Michael A.Osborne

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In this paper, Freya and Osborne studied 702 occupations and made a prediction of which jobs are likely to go away/replaced by automation by using Gaussian process classifier.
At the end of the paper, there is a full list of 702 occupations and ranking of how likely these jobs are replaced by machines/automation. The most likely occupation to be replaced is Telemarketers and most unlikely occupation is Recreational Therapists.
Beside the obvious to predict like telemarketers, it is interesting to see how various jobs are evaluated. For example artists are more likely to be automated than curators. Of course these results are just a prediction and not the scenario of what is going to happen. And the data/information given to the A.I. that has analyzed these occupation effect its prediction largely. (the paper spends quite a large portion to describe the type of data and how they classified these information).