What kind of jobs should an AI learn?!

Now that I made the first prototype of embroidered neural network, I wonder what kind of jobs it should learn?! Earlier, I made a research on jobs: What kind of jobs are predicted to go away/automated, What are the occupations that kids dream to become in future?, and analysis of different types of jobs in historical context.

Of course the view of kids are limited, and when looking at the list, it is biased to the occupation that they encounter in first hand (like doctors, teachers), jobs that appear in kids stories/narratives (baker, carpenter, policeman), protagonists of the media/ center of attention (youtuber, singer, athletes).
Andrea Komlosy makes an interesting analysis on kinds of jobs we perform. Care taker jobs (nursing, house hold related jobs) that were seen as lower jobs (jobs for slaves in enchant Greek). Later, it was often annotated as woman’s job with no or less financial compensation. Doctors and teachers are probably branches of care taker jobs, but it is/was then often job for men and taken as high-status job.
When you look at the list of jobs that re likely to get automated, these care taker jobs are the least likely jobs to be replaced, while a lot of administrative and management jobs are likely to be automated. If I take this list for granted, many of us will be doing care taker jobs, that are not necessary highly evaluated/ compensated jobs at the moment. On the other hand, these are jobs potentially dream jobs that we dream to become as a child.
Other category of jobs that are often talked to be automated/ replaced by machines are manufacturer of some products, works in production of mass production factories. I wonder how many of us enjoy doing these jobs, if it was not about financial compensation. They also talk about machine replacing works at shipping centers and storage. Again, maybe these are not the jobs that are giving us the fulfillment as tasks, but more of financial compensation.

Here, I try to categories the jobs that are listed in the dream jobs of kids.
Jobs that take care of other people:
doctor, pharmacist, nurse, hair dresser, kindergarten teacher, school teacher, policeman
Jobs related to making something:
designer, comic drawer, Game developer, architect, carpenter, patisserie, scientist (?)
Jobs related to entertainment:
Professional Athlete, youtuber

Non of us wanted to become a factory workers in assembly line nor a forklift operator in warehouses nor telemarketers