woven neuron

This is a first trial to see if one can make ANN with woven circuitry. I have inserted copper thread on 2 warp threads. Then I used Atayal weaver’s picking tool to insert copper thread on weft with picking technique and wove upwards in certain places.

woven circuit woven circuit

The left sketch shows the potential circuit plan. For this trial, I did not follow the circuit plan, but rather to try out if one can insert conductor in both vertical and horizontal direction, and achieve thread to thread electrical connection. Also to get used to picking weaving technique. It seems to work well, but it is difficult to plan multiple connections spontaneously going up the fabric. One will need some more practice before creating exact circuitry.

woven circuit

I used simple table loom from my studio colleague Emma to do this test, and I used simple plane weave pattern. It could be interesting to use other weave structure, especially using double cloth or float to achieve crossing and isolation could be interesting.