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    Conductive Materials

    Zebra Zebra Fabric (X-Zebra, Y-Eeonyx)

    Inspired by the availability of Zebra fabric and the fact that Eeonyx can coat a variety of materials in their secret resistive/piezoresistive formula, this post is about an idea for a fabric, that will hopefully “come true”.

    The idea is that, by coating the Zebra stripes in Eeonyx’s carbon polymer, the contact between the highly conductive material (silver plated nylon thread) and the resistive/piezoresistive material (Eeonyx) is made. The conductive zebra strips become the sensor leads, bringing the sensor data to the edge of the material – or can be picked up anywhere along the way.

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    Fully Coated

    A Zebra fabric coated fully in Eeonyx would allow one to measure the resistance of the Eeonyx coated fabric between the conductive zebra strips, and how this resistance changes when stretched/pressured.

    Partially Coated

    A Zebra fabric coated partially (in strips or fields) of Eeonyx, would allow one to isolate the areas of sensing.

    Stripes to produce overlapping squares:

    Areas of Eeonyx:

    Freeform shapes of Eeonyx:

    Wide-Stripe Zebra Fabric (Pitch – 31.5mm(c)/6.5mm(nc)
    Narrow Stripe Zebra Fabric (Pitch – 8.125mm(c)/7.5mm(nc)
    c = conductive

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