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    Content by Mika Satomi and Hannah Perner-Wilson
    E-Textile Tailor Shop by KOBAKANT
    The following institutions have funded our research and supported our work:

    From 2013-2015 Mika is a guest professor at the eLab at Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee

    From July - December 2013 Hannah was a researcher at the UdK's Design Research Lab

    From 2010-2012 Mika was a guest researcher in the Smart Textiles Design Lab at The Swedish School of Textiles

    From 2009 - 2011 Hannah was a graduate student in the MIT Media Lab's High-Low Tech research group led by Leah Buechley

    In 2009 Hannah and Mika were both research fellows at the Distance Lab

    Between 2003 - 2009 Hannah and Mika were both students at Interface Cultures
    We support the Open Source Hardware movement. All our own designs published on this website are released under the Free Cultural Works definition

    Flip-Dot Fabric

    Inspired by the Igne Oyasi Motor that I made during the 2014 E-Textile Summercamp and the 1-Bit Textile swatch that Irene Posch and Ebru Kurbak’s submitted to the 2015 E-Textile Swatch Exchange, this post documents the creation of a textile flip-dot fabric to be used as a display.


    Materials and Tools

    For a basic implementation of this technique you will need the following materials and tools:


    – enameled copper wire (magnet wire) (or reuse wire from an old speaker or motor)
    – neodymium magnet
    – thread
    – polymorph/shapelock/friendlyplastic
    – nail varnish


    – pencils for wrapping wire coil around
    – kettle for boiling hot water
    – pins and needles for making holes and sewing


    – non-magnetic (non-ferrous) axis!
    – relationship between coil’s electromagnetic field and permanent magnets magnetic field
    – 3 states: north, south, null


    Inspirations and References

    Igne Oyasi Motor

    Movement of fabric and coils (2014 E-Textile Summercamp) >>
    Igne Oyasi Motor >>

    Stitching Worlds

    1-Bit Textile >>
    Towards Crafting a Computer: Crochet in Turkey >>
    Crafted Logic >>

    From Swatches to Pockets Workshop at ECAL

    Workshop >>
    Copy of the 1-Bit Textile swatch:
    Copying swatches

    Meg Grant’s Bead Motor


    textile movement study 3 from meg grant on Vimeo.

    Pauline Van Dongen’s Flip Dot Dress


    Flip Dot from Pauline van Dongen on Vimeo.

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