Renovations – Day 5

The white paint is yellow, especially in the places where the latex paint peeled off. Multiple coats in these areas are making little difference. Acceptance of interim style. Somehow matches the raw ceilings. The smell of smoke is 70% gone. We hope still just clinging to the Bauschutt (building rubble) lying on the floor. Looking for a service to come pick this up and dispose of it correctly.

Final coat of paint

So we added some extra coats of paint to yellow areas. Scrubbed and cleaned the kitchen radiator, floor and our 3 toilet stalls + 2 pissoirs. Scraped layers of old paint of the power fixtures and started re-installing these.

Cleaning old paint off power fixtures

Cleaning old paint off power fixtures

On our way to lunch we picked up a nice wood cupboard that might end up in the kitchen.

Cupboard off the street