Shop Hunting

Berlin areas map

We are torn between the outskirt community-feel of Wedding and the centralized playfulness of Neukölln. If our E-Textile Tailor Shop were in your city, where would you expect or want to find it? name, and briefly describe that area.

Question to EVERYONE – maybe you can help us decide – for our E-Textile Tailor Shop… should we locate in a cute neighborhood with near zero shopping traffic, and rely on customers coming to visit us specifically? Or, should we look to be right in the center of hip shopping/cafe area where lots of people will happen upon us by chance. We need a certain amount of peace to concentrate and work, so a constant stream of people is also not what we want. We would like to take the time to get to know and engage with people in a neighbourhood area.

I would not locate it in a busy shopping area. Rather a reworked old industrial building, co-working area of designers, or/and artists, where you can find SOME similar activity around, but not too much random visitors.. In Tallinn, I would choose ARS building, where designers-artists work, it’s 3 tram stops from the town center, old pottery factory building, occasionally hosting some events such as ARS Open Days or Creative Saturdays, when general public is encouraged to pass by.

Digital Naturalism‏:
In singapore, I’d want you right in Little India or Chinatown. You would be right in the heart of all the other textile places.
Yours would be the awesome shop tucked in the other booths w interactive displays that would start getting slowly taken up by the others 🙂

Textile Academy Mum‏:
In Saki-Naka, Mumbai India. Erstwhile hub of SME Apparel 🙂

I agree with Kristi, although it also depends on how many new customers you want to attract and if you can do that in other ways than just relaying on people discovering your shop by chance.
In Eindhoven I would go for Strijp-S, which is an old industrial area that is recently redeveloped for makers and artists and is only 1.5 I’m getting city centre
I mean 1.5 km from city centre
Also: can you close the shop for half a day when you need to focus and can’t attend to people passing by?

So I would be looking in the making areas, somewhere near Hüco Stoffe
if its berlin
something near a subway, central, but not too much
imagine something like Gabriel Hounds out of the Gibson Blue Ant Trilogy
Is there any place in berlin like Frau Geralds Garden in Zurinch?

in vienna there is a little & calm but interesting street close to the busiest shopping street. many crafty or “hip” shops have openend up there in the past and they have engaging people in the neighborhood, organising gatherings & fests / concerts regularly – Reindorfgasse in the 15th district