We are open..

Since last week, we have been open. For the start, we decided to open only on Fridays and Saturdays. We are going to slowly prolong our opening hours… at least this is our plan for now.


On our first open day, we had our first visitor. A couple who were visiting Berlin and happen to stay in the next door. They were looking into our window for long time, and finally entered. I guess it is not so easy for anyone to just walk in to a shop like this. We must admit our shop design is not the most inviting one, beside it is hard to tell from outside (or from inside) what we sell/offer. well, we are working on it!
It turned out that he is a musician and maybe interested in ordering something with us for his band. We talked about possibility of using e-textile sensor as interface for music instruments communicating via MIDI, OSC or simply CV for analog synthesizers. He even invited us to his concert on the following week. (this was the actual reason why they were in Berlin) Fantastic music! We will be very happy to make something for them. Let’s see if we will get an order.

On Saturday, we had more visitors. To be honest, we thought there will be more shoppers as it is just before the Christmas holiday. well, we are not really selling something one can buy as a last minute gift, so we have no potential for Christmas shoppers. Still we were happy to see so many people coming in and checking our examples, samples and asking questions.
In the evening, one of our friends, Celia who is an opera singer/ voice performer has visited us. We had a glass of wine and discussed possible collaboration in future. Hopefully we are showcasing a performance with her soon!


A week passed, and we are on Friday again.
Now we got our explanation bout how the ordering works on our big blackboard. Hopefully this is making it a bit clearer to the visitor what they can do with us. It is a Friday just before the Christmas, and the city already feels empty. Even our favorite lunch place (they make wonderful baked potato) which is usually crowded at the lunch time was almost empty. We are having a slow but cozy day today.
A man who lives in the neighborhood just came in and asked if he can take a photo of the shop. He congratulated us for the shop. It is nice to get a comment like this in daily basis.

hannah desiging
Hannah is into experimenting a new design of a sensor glove today.