Eight Steps


Eight Steps depicts the making-of a wearable instrument. Based on a series of workshops that focus on unveiling the black box of technology in order to demonstrate how everyday electronic objects can be opened up and modified to better suit our personal needs and desires. In the workshops we make use of cheap electronic sound toys, combining their circuitry with the library of Textile Sensors that we have developed, in order to allow participants to construct personalized e-textile interfaces.

Front and back images of all eight steps

Front and back of eighth step



Eight Steps was on show at the Designing Machines Exhibition at the Design Museum Holon from October 14th 2010 – January 1st 2011. The following images from the exhibition were taken by the curators. This installation includes the working desk that shows the making-of process and 9 split image movies that shows the assembling process.

Working desk

Split-screen documentation movie

Still from split-screen documentation movie

Supported by the MIT Media Lab High-Low Tech research group and funded (in part) by a Director’s Grant from the Council for the Arts at MIT.