Behind the Scenes of KOBA

Behind the scenes of our E-Textile tailor shop we are discussing the morals of our “make-believe” tailor shop. In the left menu bar you can navigate through the following categories:

Here we write about the challenges of setting up and running a real tailor shop in Berlin.

Our attempt to involve visitors in discussions on our shop’s couch.

Expert Perspectives
We’re glad to have experts critique our project from their various perspectives.

Monthly Summary
Each month we write up a summary of what has happened so far.

Planning Documents
This category contains notes and sketches that we’ve used to plan this project.

An ongoing series of events in which we invite the public to take a closer look behind the scenes of our tailor shop and join the discussion.

Running this shop for is has become a probe into topics of sustainability related to technology in general and E-Textiles in particular. This category contains posts in which we share notes on our intentions for:
– Diversity
– Longevity
– Transparency
– The Cost of Craft

Wine, Cheese…
A peek behind the late nights over whine and good food, when we get to talking about why we really care about this work.

Letters to our potential future customers (everybody) and fellow technology tailors, in which we write about the project from a personal perspective.