EMF listener Hoodie

On the Saturday afternoon, I noticed a woman looking into the window, carefully examining the display samples and the shop explanation text. After a while she came into the shop. She said she was curious about what this shop is about. I explained her what e-Textile is and can do.. and showed her couple of examples from our opening collections.

EMF Hoodie commission

She told me that she was looking for a birthday present for his boyfriend. She liked the EMF listener cape very much as she knows that he likes the idea of EMF listening. She later came back to the shop with a black hoodie she found at a second hand shop, to be augmented with a EMF listener circuit.

yes, we got a new commission from her!

She liked the geometric shape of the antenna on the EMF listener Jacket. We talked about keeping this design, but in blue or other color to match the black hoodie.

The outer fabric for this antenna construction needs to be non-woven fabric so it does not fray when cut. At the moment we did not succeed in finding color she preferred, which is blue or turquoise blue. We will keep looking, but if we have to find, we will have to make it in different colors.
EMF jacket EMF jacket

The current non woven fabric choice at KOBA. (the synthetic leather is knit, but the coating prevents it from fraying)

then we found this fabric, suede like synthetic with a little holes. we decided to go with this one. Here are some material test with bemis textile glue.
material material test

This time, we decided to include battery and audio jack on the amplifier circuit button.
circuit basecircuit basecircuit basecircuit basecircuit basecircuit base

The amplifier circuit diagram is the following. You can see the proper documentation here >> http://www.kobakant.at/DIY/?p=7145
circuit diagram

The circuit is made with SMD transistors, 3904(NPN) and 3906(PNP). Connection is made with KarlGrimm copper conductive thread with soldering and couching the thread down to the base fabric.
transistors SMDcircuit basecircuit makingamp circuitamp circuit

Battery is inverted from the top slit, facing the “+” to the bottom side. When taking out, use thin stick (like pen) and stick it to the hole on the bottom and slide it out.
battery inbattery inbattery out

Antenna is made by 12cm square fabric of copper fabric and synthetic suede fabric layered with Bemis iron-on glue.
EMF Listener hoodieEMF Listener hoodieEMF Listener hoodieEMF Listener hoodie
EMF Listener hoodieEMF Listener hoodie
ironingEMF Listener hoodie

Final Test. It works nicely!

and here is how it looks like…
final outcome
final outcomefinal outcome

Pick-up (23.5.2018)

Today the EMF hoodie was picked up by the birthday boy and his girlfriend who ordered it for him.

EMF Hoodie commission

EMF Hoodie commission

EMF Hoodie commission