Trombone Breathing

April 28, 2018

Boris plays trombone in the Street Noise Orchestra and has commissioned a garment accessory to add to his outfit that will visualize his breathing and use of his right hand in playing the trombone.

Trombone position

Cake and Commission (27/4/2018)

The day Borris placed his commission we spent some time finding out about his orchestra, their style and motivations. Orange and green are their colours, but they they try to not become identical in order to contrast the tradition of marching bands. They play outdoors and on stage, at events and demonstrations, so show solidarity and add musical atmosphere.

From this conversations we noted some ideas for what we could make for him. We’re currently busy with 3-4 other commissions, but will start work on this towards the end of May and plan to have it finished before July.
We will start with a toile of the vest and some material experiments/samples of the lighting.

Some more thoughts… (28/4/2018)

The next day Borris came back with some more thoughts based on what we talked the previous day. He is concerned that the vest/jacket we make him does not reference the traditional, masculine (military) attire of marching bands. Rather he wants to move away from that aesthetic, be more festive… something asymmetrical could achieve this – even if the pattern is symmetrical for it, the detailing could be asymmetrically dynamic…