Lulu Monitor: June

This post summarizes the developments we’ve made on the Lulu project during June 2018. The WORTH funding we received to help fund this work requires that we submit monthly reports, so our developments are documented as responses to their Monthly Monitor questions.


1. Provide an updated status of the degree of compliance with the expected objectives.

What stage have you reached?

What outcomes have you reached?

2. What are the key activities you have completed during the last month?

PCB Manufacturers:
Seeed Studio (made in China) >>

Dairty PCBs (made in China) >> >>

Frizzing (made in Germany) >>
Environmental standards >>
100µm trace width and TG150 FR4 material
Design Rules >>
KICAD upload >>

Present Lulu at WEAR IT Festival Berlin.

3. Have you encountered any problem during the last month? If so, please list them below along with the respective countermeasures.

PCB manufacturer in Berlin ( told us they would speak with their pick-and-place person, but have not gotten back to us since.

4. What results do you want to achieve over the next month?

5. How is your project applying the insights and advice of the mentoring programme you are being coached on?