November’s Challenges

As part of our WEARsustain funding, which runs until the end of February 2018, each month we fill a report detailing our “Challenges and Remedies”.

Challenge: How should customer know what they can order to make?
As we try our shop scenario with friends and people we meet, we noticed a lot of people feels a need of having some example to have an idea of what kind of things are possible. We often ended up using bike light jacket as an example as many people knew about them. But bike light jacket is not what we want to make. So, we decided to create “our kind” of example, an opening collection. We are still figuring out how then the commission can base on these collection items, and at what level we want people to customize. (technology, design, material, size, pattern)

Remedy: Opening collection
– showcase what is technically, conceptually, aesthetically possible
– to express our twisted/humorous take on technology
– to get people thinking outside the box

Challenge: Framing the sustainability issue
We had a meeting with Anne Prahl and she pointed out we need to frame what parameter we are looking at in order to create criteria and analyse.

Remedy: Longevity, robustness and repairability

Challenge: How to strategize the made to order scenario with opening collection?
What are the interchangeable elements within the opening collection items? What can we prepare beforehand? What will be the technical limitations?

Remedy: Prototyping and testing