Sustainability Consulting?

Who can we ask for help on the environmental sustainability items we want to address?
Environmental sustainability items:

Frank & Clara mention:

Das Fachgebiet III 1.2. „Rechtsangelegenheiten, Vollzug ElektroG und BattG“. Leiter des Fachgebiets ist Herr Dr. Guido Odendhal.

Hier ein Link der Stiftung ear, der Aufschluss darüber geben soll, ob man verpflichtet ist sich zu registrieren:

Hier der Link zum ElektroG:

LCA Frauenhofer

Martin mentions:

upcycling example:
materials information management:
Michael Ashby, Emeritus Professor of Materials:

Berit mentions:

Anne Prahl

Wrap (Anne Prahl)

Dr. Dawn Ellams
Dawn’s current work is concerned with the use of design thinking to explore and communicate life cycle stories; developing interdisciplinary life cycle tools to create cyclical models for textiles.

Trash-2-Cash (Dr. Dawn Ellams)
An EU funded research project aiming to create new regenerated fibres from pre-consumer and post-consumer waste. It’s also pioneering a whole new way of developing materials.

Kat Austen
I am an artist and interdisciplinary researcher with a passion for the environment, digital
media and understanding the world’s complex networks.
Key Skills: art, research, writing, systems thinking, design, interactional expertise, creative
problem solving, environmental science, water resilience, co-creation

Statex / Britta Moritzer

Imperial College London


LCA to go Smart Textiles,textile.en.html

WEARsustain network:

Awareness Lab / Danielle Roberts
inventing tools for awareness at the intersection of art, science, technology and design. Awareness Lab by Danielle Roberts

Berlin sustainability initiatives:

The program Actors of Urban Change aims to achieve sustainable and participatory urban development through cultural activities.

CRCLR House – Berlin’s ground zero for all things circular economy. At the CRCLR House we believe it is time to rethink and redesign how we live and work together in a better way. We currently focus on seven themes in our CRCLR program as catalysts for this change.

Bizim Kiez stärkt nach Innen den Zusammenhalt der Nachbarschaft, die sich kleinräumig und in vielfältiger Weise mit unterschiedlichen mehr oder weniger abgegrenzten Gruppen überlagert und verknüpft.


Hack Your City is about folks cleverly improving our cities by doing it better than the professionals.

id22: a multidisciplinary, non-profit organization based in the urban lab we know as Berlin. A focus is on the theory and practice of creative sustainability, emphasizing self-organization and local urban initiatives.