Making-of: Symphonie

Symphonie is an interactive/participatory theater piece developed in a collaboration between KOBAKANT (Mika Satomi and Hannah Perner Wilson) with Director Anna Vera Kelle of Theater Strahl. We knew the date of the premier about one year ahead of time. Around that time, through friends we heard of a case in a Berlin school of a […]

Making-of: VVunsch VVerkstatt

During the NODE 2017 Festival we will run the VVunsch VVerkstatt, a workshop specialized in making wishes come true. The following post documents our process of developing the concept and props for this performative and participatory installation.

Making-of: In the woods…

In Oct/Nov 2016 we were invited to spend one month at The Montessori Place to set up our studio, and work amongst the young persons community. We decided to take this opportunity to develop a project of our own and open it up to collaboration with the students.

Making-of: Igne Oyasi

During our two-week TRIBE residency in Istanbul we will be completing a new fictional commission based on local crafts techniques, and inspiration from both past and present practices and cultures surrounding these techniques. The residency is organized by Amber Platform and hosted by Maumau. We would like to thank the following people for their help […]

Making-of: WishLab II

22, 23 February & 1, 2 March 2014 The second edition of the Wish Laboratory for Handmade Technologies is again part of the Making Lab project in Anyang, South Korea. If you would like to join us for two weekends of intense training and making people’s electronic wishes come true, please email us!

Making-of: Wish Lab

June 2013 As part of the Making Lab at APAP in Anyang/South Korea, Wish Lab is a 3-day laboratory for building custom handmade electronics based on wishes collected from the Anyang community. Together with local artists, designers and engineers KOBAKANT will work to make these electronic wishes come true. We would also like to thank […]

Making-of: Wearable DIY Cellphone

Based on Dave Mellis’s DIY Cellphone.

Making-of: Trapper 0.1

Trapper is a costume&&instrument for sound performances. It is made for the performance of “Trapped in a Loop“, the Swedish duo band by Magdalena Ă…gren and Richard Widerberg. This post is the on-going process of making and experimenting the “Trapper 0.1”. Hopefully in the future, this becomes a fully functioning Trapper 1.0 that can be […]

Making-of: Involving the Machines

This project received a Swedish-American-Exchange Fund Grant and will be realized in September 2012.

Making-of: The Crying Dress

This work will be completed as part of a quartier21 artist-in-residency during the Technosensual exhibition at the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna, Austria.

Making-of: The Puppeteer

2007 + 2008 The idea of Puppeteer is to create functional wearable motion-capture technology using off the shelf supplies, experimenting with soft conductive materials to achieve interesting and comforatble results. So far we have designed and made three Puppeteer motion-capture costumes for different performance. Each time, tailoring the costume both aesthetically and functionally to the […]