WishLab Maker’s Kit

“Wish Lab Kit” is one of the outcomes from the Wish Lab project, which enables other people to become a members of wish lab makers. The kit consists of Wish Lab Booklet, which explains the spirit of Wish Lab makers and materials and tools often used in the wish making process, and Wish Lab Maker’s Kit which contains various materials for wish making.

>> Download PDF of WishLab booklet

The kit is currently exhibited at the Opening of the APAP making lab as part of Anyang Public Art Project, South Korea.

WishLab Maker’s Kit in a Jar


The ribbon should be the blue color as in original kit. The top is wrapped in white paper just like a jar of jam. The label is 3.5cm x 7cm and printed on sticker label paper.


See: kit_content.xls

Pin cushion

A pin cushion is attached to the inner side of the bottle cap. The big hole in the middle is for stuffing the cushion. the small holes are so that the hot glue can seep inside and get better grip.