Making-of: WishLab II

22, 23 February & 1, 2 March 2014

The second edition of the Wish Laboratory for Handmade Technologies is again part of the Making Lab project in Anyang, South Korea. If you would like to join us for two weekends of intense training and making people’s electronic wishes come true, please email us!


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WishLab Factory Production Weekend

Training Weekend

Alternate Text Version

With the discovery of electricity, Thomas Edison had the idea to build himself a light bulb, so that he could stay up all night reading. Henry Ford invented the motor because he wanted to get places faster. Alexander Bell had a girlfriend in Moskau that he missed terribly so he invented the telephone. George Heilmeier was a computer game addict who invented the LCD display so that he could play games wherever he went. Electricity enabled all of these people to build devices that suited their particular needs and desires. These days we are surrounded by electronics that other people make for us. Take a moment and forget about all these one-size-fits-all devices, and imagine a device that would help you out personally, make your day easier, more fun, make you laugh or smile?