Lulu Midterm Report

1. Provide an updated status of the degree of compliance with the expected objectives. What stage have you reached? What outcomes have you reached? (i.e. proof of concept, research about materials, technology, design, business model to implement, etc.)

2. What are the key activities you have completed during the last 4-5 months?

3. Have you encountered any problem during the last 4-5 months? If so, please list them below along with the respective countermeasures.

4. Have you adjusted the initial work plan or strategy to achieve the expected results (i.e. use of another technology, use of alternative materials, a new scope of the project, etc.)

5. What results do you want to achieve until the end of the project?

6. Provide visual material about your project such as mood boards, sketches, drawings, technical sheets, etc.

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