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How can we connect 2 wearables in distance?
-Xbee, bluetooth (up to 100m)
-wifi (limited to the space that has wifi, how to keep up with new networks?)
-Cellular (costs monthly fee for the user)
-BLE + smartphone
-wifi + smartphone

Using IoT platform and publish/pull data via these platforms

COMING SOON – IO Plus! The Adafruit IO Subscription Plan

Possible hardware
Adafruit Feather HUZZAH ESP8266 (only 1 ADC)
Particle Photon (how to deal with the account?)
Particle Electron

MQTT, push/pull


adafruit Flora bluefruit LE

This one has already a HID mouse example, and it will work with OSX and Win10.
I will make a test with this soon.

If the computer is older, we can alternatively solve this by using wireless module (i.e. Xbee) between wearables and teensy, and teensy-USB-computer and use teensy’s HID mode.