Closed Circuit Crochet


Closed Circuit Crochet is a technique developed by grandmothers over the past years due to the availability of conductive yarns. These materials offer a wide range of possibilities to be incorporated in traditional knitwear as sensors. Grandmothers seized this opportunity to combine their excellence in needlework with their curiosity for their grandchildren’s lives. Grandsons in particular seem to be the target of this very unique wearable technology phenomenon.”

Above is a description of a fake social phenomena “CCC”. The project Introduces this “most unlikely” or “not yet to be true” scenario. It illustrates the brave
citizen who modifies technology and takes it into their daily practice. “Grandmother” is perhaps the last character to play this role in our stereotypes. Placing
her as a leading practitioner, this scenario highlights that we all can take a role of engineers who designs the use of technology. The grandmother caricatured here is no angel, she has her own ego, needs and wants, creating technological object to serve her purposes.

Technology is there to be hacked, DIYed and modified by everyone to fit our needs and desires.

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