The Secret Life of Cows


A project series inspired by cows and technology. This collection of projects featuring cows inside the black box reflects some of our humorous attitude towards technology.

Did you know that there are cows inside your electronic appliances! You probably don’t because you normally wouldn’t open up these sorts of things. Except if they break and you take it upon yourself to fix them yourself. Nowadays we tend to throw away broken electronics, replacing them with newer, cheaper, better versions, rather than opening them up in an attempt to understand what went wrong and possibly being able to fix them. So, why not open up some of your broken electronic appliances and discover the secret life of cows!

Secret life #1: Cows in the Black Box

We plant cows inside electronics, some of them are returned to shops, some of them may be lying on your desk, waiting for the day you’ll open them.

“Honey, why is there a cow in my keyboard?”

“Oh, there is a cow in my mouse…”

Some cows make it back to the shop…

Secret life #2: Transparent Technology

Custom cow FabFM radio

If you’ve ever opened up an electronic device then you’ll know all about the secret life of cows. Transparent technology is about re-designing technology to better expose this universe in which cows and microcontrollers happily coexist.
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