“Shoptalk” Discussion Series

A discussion series about the future of making.
Behind the scenes of our E-Textile tailor shop we are curating a series of monthly discussions to address the morals of our fairytale shop project. Invited speakers present on topics related to tailoring (sustainability, craftsmanship, economy, knowledge…) and we invite all of you to join in the discussion about the future of making the technologies we use. What is made, how they are they made, and how it could all contribute to a better or worse future?

KOBA - A Fairytale in 3 Acts

—-SHOPTALK series—-

January 2017, 19:00
How do we know what we want? -Making fantasies come true
When we are asked to name anything you want, it is actually hard to come up with it. Yet, we are surrounded by products in which we find our desires. How do professional makers decide what they are going to make? What motivates them? What means do they have of getting their designs out into the world? Mass product designers analyze our wishes and create products that reflect them. Bespoke designers get commissioned by a single person to realize their unique desired items. Both are the process of making what we want, but in very different approach. We invite two professionals to give us their insight and audience to join in an open discussion.

Introduction: Why we (KOBAKANT) are interested in made-to-order technology? – our idea of technological diversity
Format: panel talk/ discussion
Invited speakers:
-A craftsman (i.e. shoe maker, tailor, carpenter) to talk about the process of made-to-order
-A fashion house designer to talk about the process of mass production
Topic of the Discussion: How do we get to know what we want? how this can impact our society? –> is our claim of technological diversity valid?

When offered the possibility to have wearable technology tailor made at an affordable price, what do people want? We want to tailor technology, not because we believe this is a better way of making technology, but because we’re interested in what people want. Given that we’re used to technology being something we pick from the shelves of mass production, what ideas are made possible, by having something made just for you?

And, what is this experience like, both for the customer and the maker?

February 2017, 19:00
Longing for Longevity – a sustainable practice?
Introduction: What are different approaches to sustainable design? Fast vs slow fashion, made-to-order and longevity…
Format: panel talk/ discussion
Invited speakers:
-Frank Becker (repair cafe, society and sustainability)
-Anne Prahl (wearable technology and sustainability)

March 2017, 19:00
Why do we like making? Craftsmanship and modes of making
Introduction: Why we are interested in making. DIY, craftsmanship, manufacture…. What will be the future mastercraftsmanship?
Format: panel talk/ discussion
Invited speakers:
-Laura Bernhard (from hand to hand)
-Emma Wood (Berliner Kreative Kollective)

April 2017, 19:00
Business model? – Economy of Slowness
Introduction: Is this type of business really not feasible? how can we pay people who make in our local community? how much to pay for an hour of making?
Format: panel talk/ discussion
Invited speakers:

May 2017, 19:00
Knowledge for Everyone – How do we learn?
Introduction: Craftsman and maker needs to transfer/acquire their knowledge and skills in order to continue. how do we do this?
Format: panel talk/ discussion
Invited speakers:
Emma Wood (Berliner Kreative Kollective)
KOBAKANT (How to get what you want, eTextile Summer Camp, Swatch Exchange)

June 2017, 19:00
Softopia: Desired or Undesired future of societies
Format: discussion