How much will it cost?

December 28, 2017

It will be affordable!

Price = Materials cost + Labor

– We sell our works for the cost of materials, plus the hours of labor.
– You decide how much an hour of our time costs.
– If you can’t afford to pay for our hours in Euro, you can can also exchange time
1 hour of our time = 1 hour of our time

Hours of labor

How much will it cost?

To give you an idea of how much something would cost to commission, here are some costed examples from our Opening Collection.

“ohne mich” Jean Jacket
materials: second hand jean jacket, 1.5mm side glow optic fibers, Lulu LED modules, ATtiny microcontroller, capacitor, two BC 338-40 NPN Transistors, while wool felt, Karl-Grimm copper conductive thread, fusible, metal snaps, power supply
materials cost: 22 Euro (not including jean jacket)

techniques: sewing, couching, fusing
hours of labor: 12 hours

Unentschlossen Hat
materials: second hand wool felt hat, 0.5mm fiber optics, Karl-Grimm silver plated copper conductive thread with nylon core, silver plated conductive polyester knit fabric, ATtiny microcontroller, two red super bright SMD LEDs, shrink tube, multi-strand wire, CR2032 coin-cell battery
materials cost: 8 Euro (not including felt hat)
techniques: couching, sanding, shrinking tube
hours of labor: 4 hours 30 minutes

EMF Listener Jacket
materials: Wool fabric, synthetic leather stretch fabric, polyester thread, zipper, popper,Bemis heat glue, copper ripstop fabric, Karl-Grimm copper conductive thread, polymorph, transistor 2N3904 x 8, 2N3904 x 2, Stereo Audio Jack, solder, wire, Li-Po rechargeable battery
materials cost: 57 Euro
techniques: fusing, soldering, sewing
hours of labor: 22 hours

EMF Listener Cape
materials: Wool fabric, synthetic liner fabric, polyester thread, snaps, button, Bemis heat glue, Bart and Francis Metal thread, Karl-Grimm copper conductive thread, transistor 2N3904 x 4, 2N3904 x 1, Stereo Audio Jack, solder, Li-Po rechargeable battery
materials cost: 42 Euro
techniques: Embroidery (couching), sewing, soldering
hours of labor: 20 hours

KOBA Uniform
materials cost:
hours of labor:

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