How much should it cost?

How much should these commission order cost?
It will be good if it is affordable for people of various background, and not only rich tech savvy people.
One idea is to list the price as “necessary components cost + hours of work”. The rate for one hour can be decided:
– each customer decide how much one hour should cost, and we subsidize the half.
– the hourly rate is the same as the hourly rate of your work. So, if you work for a company that pays you 30Euro/hour, then it cost 30Euro/hour. If you are a self employed programmer and you charge 60Euro/hour, then it costs 60Euro/hour. we subsidize the half.

The timing of talking about the price can happen in the second meeting, when we propose a sketch of the object. We can also estimate the necessary components and estimate the time we need to create it. We can also set the maximum hours we charge, so it does not sound scary.

Hannah and Mika further discussed about if we should mention the “subsidy”, if so at what timing? (before you name the hourly rate? or after?). If one should be suggested what hour normal hourly rate is, or some kind of reference? You, as a customer, may not want to sound too cheap, but also do not want to pay too much… so how one should navigate that?
Also, as a price list of the service, are we just listing components and hours? or we give actual example price (i.e. the blinky jacket costs —Euro) so you can decide if it is affordable or not before ordering it.