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  • Bike+Light Workshop
  • Blurring Boundaries
  • Card Weaving Workshop
  • Chic bend and Sleek stretch
  • Chip-Man-Band
  • Communicating Bodies
  • connecting bubbles
  • Crafting Robots
  • Crocheting Electronics
  • Crochet and Code
  • DEAF: Crafting the Future Workshop
  • Designing for the loop Workshop
  • DressCode Workshop Shambala
  • DressCode Workshop Berlin
  • #e-textile-adventures
  • E-Textile Meet-up
  • E-Textile Open Lab at CNMAT
  • E-Textile Summer School in France
  • E-Textile Tooling: ohmHook
  • Electric Embroidery Tuesday
  • Hybrid Jewels
  • Electric Embroidery Monday
  • Electronic Textiles Live
  • Electronics as Material I
  • Electronics as Material II
  • Electronics as Material III
  • Electronics of Materials IV
  • Electronics Surgery
  • E-Textile Pecha-Kucha at Schmiede
  • Elektronik und Handwerk
  • Embroidered Speaker Workshop
  • Engineers for Social Impact workshop at Mumbai : e-Diwali
  • ETextile CARD10
  • E-Textile Knitting Circle
  • eTextile Summer Camp 2013
  • eTextile Summer Camp 2014
  • eTextile Summer Camp 2016
  • Everything is Talkative
  • fabric meets electronics
  • Fabricademy: Soft Circuits and Textiles Sensors
  • - faser - faden - fiktion -
  • Fluffy MIDI
  • from SPACE to SPACE
  • From Swatches to Pockets
  • FT1 - Material Mechanisms for Utopian Uniforms
  • FT1: Moving Fabrics with Electrons
  • FT1: Tailoring with Electronic Textiles I
  • FT1: Tailoring with Electronic Textiles II
  • Game controller hack
  • Games Workshop II
  • Handcrafting a textile sensor from scratch
  • Handcrafting Textile Mice
  • Handcrafting Textile Sensors from Scratch
  • Handcrafting Textile Sensors in Vienna
  • Handedness
  • Human Hacked Orchestra
  • I <3 ATtiny
  • I AM Learning
  • In All Different Colors
  • Interactive Solar T-Shirt
  • ITP camp Workshops
  • Adventuring with Materials
  • Kinder Egg WishLab
  • Knitting, hacking, hanging, sound
  • KOBA School of WickedFabrics
  • KOBA School of Wickedfabrics: TAILORING
  • KOBA Winter School of Wickedfabrics
  • least likely
  • Light Dependent Relationship
  • LilyPad Arduino Programming
  • Sewing an electronic circuit
  • Make your own multi-touchpad
  • Making and Animating Dioramas
  • Making Textile Sensors from Scratch at TEI
  • Animating Textiles
  • Material_Adventures
  • Meet the Materials Workshop
  • Moving Textile
  • Nature's Wearables
  • #paper-adventures
  • Physical Computing Stammtisch
  • Piano T-Shirt
  • PIFpack Workshop
  • Playing with electronic textiles
  • Pulp in Motion
  • Relief Embroidery Workshop at Summercamp
  • School of Wicked Fabrics: FOUNDATION /01
  • School of Wicked Fabrics: FOUNDATION /02
  • School of Wicked Fabrics: FOUNDATION /03
  • Sensing with Textiles
  • Sensitive Puppets
  • Sewing Fabric Sensors
  • Shape and Memorize
  • Smart Rituals
  • Soft & Tiny Pillow Speaker Workshop
  • soft interactive technologies
  • Soft Interactive Technology at Weissensee
  • Soft Interactive Technology Course at KHB
  • Soft Interactive Technology I
  • Soft Interactive Technology 1 at KHB
  • Making Soft Noise
  • Soft Sensors for Soft Bodies
  • soft soft
  • Soft Sensors for Soft Bodies II
  • Soft & Tiny Arduino Workshop
  • Solar T-shirt Workshop
  • Sounding Textiles
  • Spekulative Objekte
  • Stitching Electronics | Woolly Noise
  • Taking Parts Apart Workshop at TH Nürnberg
  • Technical Intimacy
  • Technology + Textiles
  • Textile Sensoren und Aktuatoren in Handarbeit
  • Crafting Sensory Surfaces
  • The Sound of Nature
  • Three Perspectives
  • Tinkering with Textiles & Electronics
  • Tone of the Things
  • Tool time
  • Touch the Tone
  • Toy Piano T-shirt workshop
  • Traces with Origin Workshop
  • Transparent and Dangerous
  • Transparent and Dangerous II
  • under the influence
  • Wearable sound experiment
  • Wearable Sound Experiment II
  • Wearable Sound Toy Orchestra
  • Wearable Studio Workshops at ARS
  • Weigh, Measure, Count
  • Textile Sensor Indulgence
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    Content by Mika Satomi and Hannah Perner-Wilson
    E-Textile Tailor Shop by KOBAKANT
    The following institutions have funded our research and supported our work:

    Since 2020, Hannah is guest professor of the Spiel&&Objekt Master's program at the University of Performing Arts Ernst Busch in Berlin

    From 2013-2015 Mika was a guest professor at the eLab at Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee

    From July - December 2013 Hannah was a researcher at the UdK's Design Research Lab

    From 2010-2012 Mika was a guest researcher in the Smart Textiles Design Lab at The Swedish School of Textiles

    From 2009 - 2011 Hannah was a graduate student in the MIT Media Lab's High-Low Tech research group led by Leah Buechley

    In 2009 Hannah and Mika were both research fellows at the Distance Lab

    Between 2003 - 2009 Hannah and Mika were both students at Interface Cultures
    We support the Open Source Hardware movement. All our own designs published on this website are released under the Free Cultural Works definition


    This workshop is part of a course at the Ernst Busch Hochschule in Berlin. It is only open to students in the departments of Contemporary Puppetry and Spiel&&Objekt.


    Material_Adventures the_boardgame >> https://www.plusea.at/?p=6605

    LEVEL_1 zine >> https://www.plusea.at/downloads/games/MaterialAdventures/MaterialAdventures_L1/MaterialAdventures_L1_V2_instructions_GSpuppe.pdf

    LEVEL_2 zine >> https://www.plusea.at/downloads/games/MaterialAdventures/MaterialAdventures_L1/MaterialAdventures_L2_V1_instructions_GSpuppe.pdf

    Gestaltungsprojekt Puppe 3Jhg
    9 – 26 Juni


    LEVEL_1: THE REMIX [material adventure]

    ein brettspiel bei dem man auf abenteuerreise mit materialen geht um geschichten zu entdecken.
    die geschichten werden per bild/animation festgehalten und im öffentlichen raum präsentiert.
    ich habe das spiel im märz mit S&&O studierende getestet, und es hat tatsächlich als spiel spass gemacht. mann verliert sich in einer abstrakten materiellen welt und sucht nach möglichkeiten die ideen die aufkommen visuel festzuhalten, damit man sie anderen mitteilen kann.
    >> https://www.plusea.at/?p=6605


    Everything is a Remix
    Kirby Ferguson

    “Ferguson examines modern attitudes toward intellectual property and how these attitudes rather counterintuitively stifle creativity rather than fostering it.
    He illustrates the interconnectedness of our creations and how current laws and norms miss this essential truth.”


    The textility of making
    Tim Ingold

    “Contemporary discussions of art and technology continue to work on theassumption that making entails the imposition of form upon the material world,by an agent with a design in mind. Against thishylomorphicmodel of creation, I arguethat the forms of things arise within fields of force and flows of material. It is byintervening in these force-fields and following the lines of flow that practitionersmake things. In this view, making is a practice of weaving, in which practitionersbind their own pathways or lines of becoming into the texture of material flowscomprising the lifeworld.”


    Object-Oriented Ontology

    What is Object-Oriented Ontology? explained by Tadas Vinokur:

    Vibrant Matter
    A Political Ecology of Things
    Jane Bennett

    “In Vibrant Matter the political theorist Jane Bennett, renowned for her work on nature, ethics, and affect, shifts her focus from the human experience of things to things themselves. Bennett argues that political theory needs to do a better job of recognizing the active participation of nonhuman forces in events. Toward that end, she theorizes a “vital materiality” that runs through and across bodies, both human and nonhuman.”


    Artistry and Agency in a World of Vibrant Matter:

    The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction
    Ursula K. Le Guin

    “I’m not telling that story. We’ve heard it, we’ve all heard all about all the sticks spears and swords, the things to bash and poke and hit with, the long, hard things, but we have not heard about the thing to put things in, the container for the thing contained. That is a new story. That is news.”



    LEVEL_2: THE REMAKE [textile sensors]

    eine einführung in die materialien und funktionen von elektronische textilien.
    auseinanderbauen von elektrischen bauteilen, um zu verstehen wie sie funktionieren.
    nachbauen der bauteile in textil und eigene textile sensoren* entwerfen für eher ungewöhnliche gesten-erkennung.
    textile sensors >> https://www.howtogetwhatyouwant.at/?cat=26


    Massage me

    >> https://www.kobakant.at/massage-me/

    Mimu gloves for music

    >> https://mimugloves.com/

    DIY Datagloves

    >> https://www.plusea.at/?p=5520

    Hoodie Escape

    >> http://www.nerding.at/hoodie-escape/

    Hoodie Escape from clemens pichler aka fump on Vimeo.

    Blurring Boundaries: carbon nature

    >> https://www.plusea.at/?p=6195

    Textile Sensors

    >> howtogetwhatyouwant.at/

    Taking Parts Apart

    Wir bauen elektronische Bauteile auseinander um zu verstehen wie sie funktionieren.

    Meet the Materials

    Wir lernen Materialen kennen mit denen wir diese Funktionen selber gestalten können (sowohl ästhetisch als auch funktional). Hierzu können wir auch Material aus dem Wald einbringen!


    Elektronische Textilien als Material und Werkzeug_

    Hannah Perner-Wilson, Irene Posch, 2020

    “Welche Fasern leiten Strom? Wie schauen Fäden aus Metall aus? Welche Flächen können als Sensoren ver- wendet werden? Elektronische Textilien, manchmal auch Smart Textiles genannt, beschreiben die Integration von elektronischen Funktionalitäten in textiles Material. Dadurch lassen sich Sensoren und Schaltkreise aus Textil umsetzen. Diese können weich und kleidsam sein; sie können in Alltagsgegenstände verwebt werden und dadurch neue Funktionen ausführen; und sie bieten durch die neuartige Verbindung von Elektronik und Textil die Möglichkeit, die Qualitäten dieser Disziplinen neu zu denken!”

    >> gtt.ufg.at/e-textilien-material-werkzeug


    “an interactive database for wearables development & information awareness. It includes Research – Tutorials – Patents – Concepts and Aesthetic approaches used by the wearables community to inspire & boost the wearables development from different field perspectives.”

    >> http://chimerawearables.com/

    Getting Started In Electronics_

    Forrest M. Mims

    >> https://www.academia.edu/9885504/Getting_Started_In_Electronics_-_Forrest_M._Mims

    The Charge against Electricity_


    “Electricity has become such a ubiquitous feature of modern life that most of us would have no idea how to manage without it. Interruptions in supply are experienced as unsustainable moments of crisis. The possibility that the supply of electricity might eventually run dry is every government’s worst nightmare and underpins the global politics of energy. Do we blame electricity for having brought us to this state of dependency? Can we hold it responsible for the disempowerment of citizens, for the entrapment of their lives within a state-sponsored grid maintained by corporations? Or does it, on the contrary, hold the potential for emancipation? Is electricity guilty or not guilty? In what follows, we begin with the case for the prosecution. Then we present the case for the defense. You, our readers, are the jury, and we leave the verdict for you to decide.”

    >> https://journal.culanth.org/index.php/ca/article/view/ca30.4.03/200


    >> https://www.kobakant.at/DIY/?cat=23
    >> https://www.kobakant.at/DIY/?p=7368


    LEVEL_3: THE REMOTE [electromagnetic actuators]

    einführung in elektromagnetismus.
    bauen von elektromagnetischen aktuatoren** (flips, flaps, flops….. lautsprecher)
    das ansteuern der aktuatoren durch die textilen sensoren um damit ein interaktives scenario umzusetzen.
    actuators >> https://www.kobakant.at/DIY/?p=8097

    Electromagnetische Actuatoren

    Kurze einführung in Elektromagnetismus und wie man es ausnützen kann um Mateiralien in Bewegung und in Schwingung zu bringen damit sie Hüpfen, sich Drehen und Töne von sich geben.

    Jungle Speakers

    >> https://www.instructables.com/id/Jungle-Speakers/
    >> https://www.flickr.com/photos/plusea/albums/72157651617774257

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